Getting ready for the festive season – week 9

October 29, 2014

At the children's castle
At the children’s castle

After a week of school vacation with all three kids at home and pouring rain for most of the days, I feel ready for a vacation! We tried to make the best out of it and spent time shopping, at the swimming pool or at indoor playgrounds. As Lilo came back with a slight cold from her excursion to Disney Sea on Monday, we also had a home cinema afternoon on Wednesday. Only downside to these home cinema sessions is always that the kids go completely crazy afterwards because they did not move all day.


Ikuta Ryokuchi Park Open Air Museum
Ikuta Ryokuchi Park Open Air Museum

On Saturday we went on an outing with our language school. They took us to Ikuta Ryokuchi Park, close to Kawasaki. Within this enormous park you cannot only find an open air museum of traditional Japanese houses, but also a nature and science museum including a planetarium. So while Lilo and I participated in the traditional indigo dyeing workshop, Mark took the boys to the planetarium. Even though the show was in Japanese, they were amazed by what they saw.IMGP2105 IMGP2110










Just with the end of the vacation the weather improved tremendously so that we are now enjoying a really nice autumn season. Clear blue sky, clear crisp air. It is hot in the sun and cold in the shade and the leaves are starting to change colours.

Halloween at Arisugawa Park
Halloween at Arisugawa Park with Lilo’s friend Mai

With the last weekend the Halloween festivities have started (Halloween decoration and merchandising have been in the shops for the last 4 weeks!). After our first party at the local park on Sunday, the kids are now getting excited for the trick or treat night in the neighbourhood. I am not sure were to store all that candy as we already seem to have enough for the next 6 months just from one afternoon.

Halloween decoration and merchandising in the shops will be immediately replaced by Christmas decorations as of next week – for sure! So we are heading towards the next festive season with quick pace.

No special fun facts for you this week. I am sorry.

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