Preparing for the year end – week 13


I already skipped a blog last week (again!) as I spent one day – or rather one writing time unit – at Ikea to get some new kitchen bar stools and one writing time unit to put these together. Going to Ikea somehow feels like DSC_0605going “home”. A place so familiar everywhere around the world. I went with my new friend Ditte who for the first time went to an Ikea shop outside of her home country. So she kept on repeating: “This is exactly like in Denmark”, which was half of the fun for me. We really had a great time there and got everything sorted out just in time to go for lunch at noon (we did not have meat balls, but of course cinnamon rolls) and to get to the delivery cash desk before people started queuing up. After stocking up on some food in the Ikea supermarket, we made it home right in time to pick up the boys from school (It is one hour train ride to get to Ikea!) Three days later everything got delivered to our house and now I can serve the children’s breakfast in the kitchen which makes it much more fun for all of us and much easier for me.

This week I am running late again with my blog, because I have been socialising (congratulating a Japanese mum to her newborn baby, going out for lunch) and this morning I woke up with a sore throat. So I went back to bed right after I returned from dropping the boys off. We have a babysitter for tonight and I sure do not want to risk a night out! Yes, we finally have a babysitter set up and now keep your fingers crossed that they all get along with each other and that she wants to come back regularly!

This week we also went to see Lilo’s end of year Aikido performance. After 10 weeks of practice she has come a long way and she is still enjoying it a lot. DSC_0603She only received a certificate for perfect attendance which disappointed her a bit as she thought she would get the yellow belt. After explaining that those belts do not come automatically, but that you need to do a test, she was content again.

Lilo's Aikido class with the three teachers
Lilo’s Aikido class with the three teachers

It was difficult to choose from the many videos and pictures I took and I hope you will enjoy these:

We signed the boys up, too. They will start in January when they turn five. We’ll see how this will go for the fighting at home.

I do have a very special fun fact for you, but I will save it for next week: The living sign post phenomenon!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for the year end – week 13

  1. Hallo Heike Wie gehts denn so? Das hört sich alles ganz gut an. Habt Ihr Euch soweit gut eingelebt und Deine Kids sind happy? Was machen Deine Coiffeurbesuche können sie Deine Mähne bändigen? Ich wünsche Euch eine tolle Zeit in Tokio und beneide Dich um diese interessante Erfahrung Ganz liebe Grüsse Sabine

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet



    1. Uns geht es hier sehr gut – wie Du ja liest 🙂
      Ich habe auch einen Redken Frisör gefunden. Die Farbe haben sie super hingekriegt, aber für den Schnitt muss ich mir noch jemand anderen suchen…. Freue mich schon jetzt auf einen Besuch bei Dir im nächsten Jahr!


  2. Dear Heike! This is already your 20th post on the blog and I still haven’t replied! We read with great interest each of your messages! It’s great fun to hear from you, and to see pictures of how the children are evolving! Congrats’ on your commitment to keep us all up-to-date! Bravo for all the efforts you are putting in into diving into the society! Fascinating! Liebe Gruesse an alle! Les Choux de BXL!


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